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Child Support Attorney in Redding, CA

After your marriage, your child’s custody can get nasty. You may have a problem with the custody time and visitation hours. California Court opts for the best interest of the child in awarding custody. Van Kinney will build a good case in helping you get the custody. Normally, the custody is given to one parent and visitation rights to the non-custodial parent. If your situation changes after the divorce, child custodial rights are dramatically modifiable if it is in the best interest of your child. Van Kinney’s experience with such cases is vast and often results in the satisfaction of his clients. When it comes to your kids you must opt for the most experienced and wise lawyer. Van Kinney’s method of delivery to the court enables the case to be resolved sooner than expected. This greatly reduces anxiety and drama from your life. Such matters are of great anxiety for your children also, so Van Kinney’s dedication and commitment to the case helps in a smooth transfer of custody.

The issue of child support is a highly charged emotional area of family law. Child support is based on a formula adopted by the state legislature which considers the mother’s income, the father’s income, and the percentage of time the child spends with each parent. This information is plugged into a judicial council format, a computer application that determines tax consequences and net income for each parent available to the court to award support. If both parents have equal income, and both parents share custody of their child, neither parent will pay child support. They are deemed supporting their child by virtue of having them in their care.

Parent and Child Hug

If the parents have 50/50 custody, but one has a higher income, the higher-earning parent will pay some support. They will pay 50% less support because they have the child 50% of the time, but support will be due to the other parent based on the disparity of the two parents’ income. This is due to the legislative intent to balance the child’s environment. Hypothetically, in unequal income, the court does not want the child living, for example, in a studio apartment and a 5-bedroom mansion. So the court awards child support evenly in a 50/50 custody based on equalizing the child’s atmosphere in each parent’s home.