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Redding Family Law AttorneyRedding Family Law Attorney

When life is not good and you find yourself in a turmoil because of your relatives and family, it is best to seek legal advice. There is no alternative to the advice of an experienced attorney. You will be needing honest answers to your queries and to give you a clear picture of where you stand currently and what should be your next move, you require an experienced law practitioner. No matter how foresighted you are, it is always better to seek opinion and advice of an attorney. In cases of inheritance and division of assets, you need an attorney that cleverly builds your case and swiftly manages to get the decision of the court in your favour. An inexperienced not only gets the court’s verdict against you, but also spoils the case for future appeals. So careful selection of an experienced practitioner is highly critical. It is recommended to choose someone as professional as Van Kinney.

Custody Dispute

When the situation in your life is very demented and reaches the point of custody dispute, you need moral support and the best legal advice. Matters such custody dispute can get very emotional and dirty too. Maligning each other to obtain custody of a child is a common practice done out of desperation. To avoid being a victim to such tension you must find an attorney that successfully defends your case and helps you keep your emotions in the right place. You must opt for an attorney that watches your interest and protects you from making wrong choices. Van Kinney specializes in Custody dispute. He is a lawyer that will carefully look into your case and help you get the custody of your child. His experience and professionalism will help your case to be presented in such a manner, that it will be decided soon. A prolonged case is highly detrimental for the child’s psychology and over all well-being. You don’t want your child to suffer and have bad memories for no fault of his own. You must also keep in consideration the trauma your child will go through upon such a dispute. It is always better to choose the best professional attorney to build a case that gets resolved soon. Van Kinney is a specialist in resolving such trivial matters. His experience and wisdom will ensure that no detail is missed in your case which will benefit you and your child in the courtroom.


You can have a divorce for various reasons. However, the decision of divorce often leads to awkward problems. With Divorce comes the division of assets, custody of children (if you have minors) and other problems such as ongoing family support etc. In all, a lot has to be dealt with. Fortunately, Van Kinney specializes in taking care of such matters. His fine sense of judgement will enable you to make the best decision and then carefully and intelligently express your stance to the courtroom. His techniques and vast experience will assist you in reaching your set goal. Van Kinney can assist you in filing a motion to modify your monthly payments. If you believe you have been physically abused by your spouse, Van Kinney can help you file a restraining order. Van Kinney specializes in handling difficult divorce cases. No matter how difficult your case is, Van Kinney will help you find the best possible legal solution to your problem.

Child Support

After your marriage your child’s custody can get nasty. You may have problem with the custody time and visitation hours. California Court opts for the best interest of the child in awarding the custody. Van Kinney will build a good case in helping you get the custody. Normally, the custody is given to one parent and visitation rights to the non-custodial parent. If your situation changes after the divorce, child custodial rights are dramatically modifiable if it is in the best interest of your child. Van Kinney’s experience with such cases is vast and often results in the satisfaction of his clients. When it comes to your kids you must opt for the most experienced and wise lawyer. Van Kinney’s method of delivery to the court enables the case to be resolved sooner than expected. This greatly reduces anxiety and drama from your life. Such matters are of great anxiety for your children also, so Van Kinney’s dedication and commitment to the case helps in smooth transfer of custody.