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Van Kinney | The Power of 40 Years Experience | Representation Second to None

Child Support Lawyer in Redding Ca


Van Kinney is a specialized family lawyer in Redding California. He is equipped with clever and cunning techniques that can enable you to get the most out of your situation. He and his professional team specialize in dealing with legal matters such as Family law, Custody Disputes, Divorce, and Child support. From division of assets to divorce, Van Kinney has the experience and professionalism required to apprise you of your best interest. In crucial legal matters, the most pivotal role is that of your lawyer.

An experienced legal practitioner like Van Kinney will instill your case with logic and coherence. He uses intelligent syllogism and connects the dots with little deviation. This enables his clients to get the most fruit from their case. His experience and professionalism ensure that his client’s point of view and scenario vividly reaches the Judge. In matters of family, one often gets emotional and makes themself vulnerable to making wrong decisions and opting for wrong stances. Van Kinney's experience and wisdom in the courtroom will stop your emotions from clouding your judgment and acting impulsively, ensuring you get the best possible outcome for your case.Martindale-Hubbell Distingushed Award For High Ethical Standing, Peer Rated for High Professional Achivement


The Law Office of Van Kinney was established in 1977. We look forward to representing you. This website introduces California family law and will help you understand what to expect in a courtroom and from your attorney. Use the navigation buttons below to search for answers in:

  • Divorce
  • Custody Dispute Resolution
  • Adoption
  • Property Division
  • Child and Spousal support
  • Collection of Support Arrears
  • Restraining Orders


Attorney Van Kinney understands how to question your spouse's demands, he has addressed every scenario imaginable in the last 40 years. You won't have your representation derailed suddenly in court from unexpected responses. You will highly value the advanced degree of professionalism from your first consultation to a successful outcome.


Feel free to visit Van Kinney in Redding Ca. at his office for a free consultation. Receive valuable information on your first visit. Your greatest concerns can be addressed quickly and accurately, allowing you to make a decision on representation with confidence. Knowledge, wisdom and experience is a powerful formula for success. During your first consultation you will begin to feel the peace of mind that comes from Van Kinney's level of professionalism.